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Call Today to Have Anderson Clean Your Hardwood Floors!

  • Schedule your in-home quote
  • Receive estimate at time of visit

  • Choose Maintenance Recoat, or
  • Dust Free Poly Recoat
  • And, book your cleaning

  • Board your pets for 24 hours
  • Remove all furniture, area rugs, etc.

Please Note:
  • Boarding your pets for 24 hours ensures they won't damage the newly cleaned surface.
  • Carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning MUST be scheduled on different days - unless the home is completely void of furnishings.

Why Choose Anderson for Your Hardwood Floors?

Beautify your home and enjoy spot-free hardwood floors with the help of our professional wood floor cleaning company. At Anderson, we have served the greater eastside for more than 20 years, providing residential floor cleaning services.

  • Inspection - The technician inspects the floor to identify any trouble spots and contaminates.
  • Explanation - The technician will explain the process used for cleaning hardwood floors. There are two options ... a basic clean, and a deep clean. The deep clean will dissolve the contaminates using our buffer system.
  • Preparation & Cleaning - The technician will get to work restoring your floors to their natural beauty.
  • Wood Floor Care instructions:
  • 24 hours with no animals on the floor - not harmful to the animal but the animals will harm the new finish.
  • 3-4 hours before you can walking on floor
  • 24 hours before returning furniture back to wood floor
  • 2 weeks before returning area rugs to floor


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Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

WANT THE "LIKE NEW" luster back in your Hardwood Flooring?

Every day we get feedback back at the office praising the outcome the carpet cleaning just done. Always the comment is something along the lines of " Wow, I can't believe how dirty they were!!
Wood flooring is the very same. Dirt, whether on carpet or wood floors is such a slow progression that it rarely is it noticed.


Just like carpet, all wood flooring manufacturer's recommend a regular cleaning. Not only to restore the beauty you remember, but also, and almost more important is that a regular cleaning, even if a "Maintenance Coat" will dramatically increase the life. Anderson Carpet Cleaning has the premier wood flooring Technician. Jose' has over 15 years and live's to make flooring beautiful again. A call to Anderson brings Jose' to your home to have a look. He will explain the process and different options from the basic Maintenance to a complete overhaul. There is of course no cost or obligation for this. You will find our process of no obligation and easy going approach far different then other's. We do not hard sell or upcharge, EVER. In addition, our pricing is based on your future business with both wood flooring and carpet cleaning. In short, we want you as a lifelong happy customer. Please read our hundred's of 100% positive reviews on every major review site such as YELP, Angie's List and Home Advisor to name a few.

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