About Lisa and Anderson Carpet Cleaning!

13323330_10153490929742032_1504758860421431257_oAnderson Carpet Cleaning is a family owned business serving the entire Eastside since 1996.  Lisa is the proud owner and resides in Duvall with her two kids … and treats every customer as if they are family.  Always a stickler for perfection, every carpet, rug or upholstered furniture cleaned by her company is backed with her promise that it will be done to perfection.  To talk to Lisa you will immediately feel the extreme passion she has for her company to provide you with a “Red Carpet Experience!”

Anderson Carpet Cleaning has five vans with the latest steam cleaning equipment for all residential cleaning needs as well a large “Fuso” truck which offers the ability to clean apartments up as high as the tenth floor!  In keeping with the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning soaps and sanitizers, Lisa is always making sure that each product she uses is organic.  In fact, she encourages her customers to use the waste water extracted from their home to water their plants and they will flourish!

LisaInHerOffice_s.jpgCarpet cleaning has changed drastically over the last 15 years where then it took up to 24 hours for your carpet to dry.  Now, depending on the overall quality of the equipment, it will take only 4 to 8 hrs.  This does not mean that you cannot walk on your newly cleaned carpets right away.  It only means that if in your socks, they will get damp.  Lisa has made sure to keep up with the very latest and greatest technology and each van has the best equipment available.  During the warm time of the year which is April through September, you should have dry carpets in 5 or 8 hours.  When it's cold, pouring down rain with moisture in the air, it will take longer.!

Lisa encourages any and all questions, she feels that it’s important you understand how your carpet is being cleaned and why it will prolong its life.  Anderson Carpet Cleaning is the type of company you will use for life!

Anderson Carpet Cleaning is locally owned and operated, servicing areas across the Puget Sound and greater Eastside areas.  We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

We have been cleaning carpets for over twenty years and have a large number of satisfied repeat customers who would be happy to provide a personal referal. We guarantee all our work and are happy to come back and remedy any issue that you may find.  In fact over 65% of our daily appointments are from REPEAT customers.  They know we do the job right, the first time!

A percent of our revenue is given each year to the Wounded Warrior Project


How We Work

Once we arrive at your home, we have you take us on a quick tour of the areas you want done.  We ask you to point out special areas of concern. It's sometimes helpful to know the history of what your carpets may have experienced. Then, we set up our equipment. Typically, on a two story home, we will start upstairs running our hoses to the far point and work our way back and out the front door. The hoses connect to our equipment mounted in the van usually parked in your driveway (we may ask you to move a vehicle so we can park there, or so yours doesn't get blocked in if you want to leave). Our water source is your water spigot (i.e. what your garden hose hooks to) usually found on the front of your house.  There is a 100-gallon waste tank in our vehicle, which all the dirty water goes into (it is never mixed with the clean water...the plumbing does not allow it to mix). Our equipment heats the water to about 210 degrees (approximately boiling), thus giving it the term "steam cleaning."

We Are Local


Anderson Carpet Cleaning Inc™ is a mobile business located on the Eastside. We are not a chain, nor is it a franchise. We do not do business in any other states. The cities we service are clustered around the 24 listed on our service area tab/page. We service homes from Mill Creek at the North End of our route to Renton at the South End. We go as far east as North Bend, and do a lot of appointments in Duvall, Carnation, Snoqualmie, and Maple Valley as well.